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Jun 18, 2018

Batfish Amateur Radio Club Brings WWII to the Classroom

On Friday, December 7th, 2018, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, students in class will talk to kids aboard the USS Batfish World War II Submarine via ham radio.  

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For the third year, the Radio Rabbits will journey to Muskogee, Oklahoma, to spend the weekend aboard the USS Batfish for the annual Pearl Harbor Memorial Tribute.  The tribute usually falls on the first weekend of December, and young members spend the weekend making contacts using the Batfish Amateur Radio Club call sign WW2SUB via ham radio.

From 2016, Dylan N5APP, Kyle Wayne N5KWG, and Cody N5GNR fly the Radio Rabbits Banner
from the gun platform of the conning tower on the USS Batfish

This year will be slightly different.  Paul Goulet KC5CYY initiated creating special contacts for teachers and students in classrooms on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, Friday, December 7th.  During the school day, young operators will be manning the radios to specifically make the contacts with teachers and students.  To add to the experience, Jason Johnston KC5HWB of Ham Radio 2.0 (http://www.livefromthehamshack.tv/) will set up a live video stream from the submarine so the teachers and students in the classrooms see who they are talking to.   

"These young operators get to experience a piece of history every year," said Goulet.  "It will be nice that they can now share that experience with other students who aren't ham radio operators.  Maybe it will encourage more students to get their license."

Emmett Hohensee W0QH of RadioWavz Antenna Company (http://www.radiowavz.com/) makes the trek to the museum each year with EMCOMM-1 to provide additional support.  Last year, he provided two ICOM IC-7300 radios, as well as several of their production antenna models.  

EMCOMM-1 is a working interoperability emergency communications vehicle based in Missouri,
but can be deployed anywhere in the country at any time as the need arises.

The Radio Rabbits, Cody N5GNR, Dylan N5APP, and Kyle Wayne N5KWG will join Ian Lopez W9IAN of Burkburnett, Texas, and Eva Knapple N5EVA of Elgin, Oklahoma, for the unique World War II classroom experience.  The contacts with the students and teachers in the classroom will not focus on the contact, itself, but rather to share what it's like staying aboard, and the history of the submarine.  

Contact Information:

Teachers wishing to coordinate a contact with the young operators aboard the USS Batfish in their classroom are requested to contact us via email at: batfish@ka5ahs.org 

We will send out the live stream link and operating frequencies to those teachers who contact us prior to operations on December 7th.

Headline: Batfish Amateur Radio Club Brings WWII to the Classroom