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Nov 4, 2016

Ham Radio Club to Follow Rabbit Band Trip

Parents who cannot travel with the band to the state competition can pull up a website that shows where the band is located in real time.  Beacons will be sent the entire duration of the trip. 

Atlanta Rabbits Amateur Radio Club tracking The Big Bad Band From Rabbitland


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Posted by: W5BFF

The Big Bad Band From Rabbitland (BBBFRL) will be traveling to San Antonio, Texas, to compete in the UIL State Championship competition next week.  Two high school band members are licensed amateur radio operators.  They are also members of the Atlanta Rabbits Amateur Radio Club (http://www.KA5AHS.org), and will be running the Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) using their club call sign:  KA5AHS.

APRS is a decentralized peer-to-peer network that utilizes GPS and amateur radio to send location beacons and status updates.  The protocol was developed twenty-two years ago before the advent of “smart phones” with GPS capabilities.  The idea is when an amateur radio operator sent a beacon packet, those who could receive the packet would re-transmit the packet.  Since its inception, the network and protocol has been expanded to include the packet information being ported to the internet.

“We used APRS to track the weather balloon last year for the BLAST project,” said Cody Goodson N5GNR, Atlanta High School Sophomore.  “As a club, we wanted to do something, anything, to give to the school and community while raising awareness for amateur radio at the same time.”

“I hope this will help get other students interested in ham radio,” said Dylan Goodson N5APP, Atlanta High School Freshman.  “There has been some interest, but it takes a little bit of effort to study and pass the test to get an amateur radio operator license.”

Everyone is encouraged to study the test questions and answers provided at http://www.hamstudy.org to pass the Technician Class test.  It’s free to study, and it only cost $15 to take the test.  The test is offered the third Saturday of every month (except December) by the Radio Amateurs of Cass County (http://www.raccradio.org).