Status:  Design and Planning Phase
Missions: Icarus II

Design Concepts and Considerations

Several advancements in design are planned for the Lepus-B over the Lepus-A.

Hull:  Instead of using a prefabbed polystyrene box, a sleek hull will be designed and built using two-part two-pound expanding polyurethane closed-cell foam.  This will provide adequate protection for internal components against shock, weather, and other external hazards.  It will allow better shaping for housing the avionics, as well as improved overall aesthetics. 

Parachute:  The Rocketman parachute used on the Lepus-A appeared to be of fine quality and functioned properly.  However, it was only available in blue and orange, and didn't fit the theme of the school.  The 54" parachute from Spherachutes.com appear to be of comparable cost, quality, and functionality, but can be customized to be colored red and white.  Maroon is not available.

Avionics:  The Lepus-B will abandon the Arduino microprocessor platform and upgrade to full computing power with the Raspberry Pi 2 with the TNC-Pi 2 controller hat.

There are also plans for enabling two-way communication with the Lepus-B via Broadband-Hamnet as well as APRS.  The Broadband-Hamnet node will consist of a Linksys WRT54G router removed from the case and customized to interface with the Raspberry Pi 2.

Planning is underway for the design and construction of a 2-Axis (azimuth and elevation) rotator and controller that will track the module based on GPS updates.  A Ubiquiti Nanobridge M2 will be mounted on the rotator.

Components List

Envelope: 1200g Latex Balloon from High Altitude Science
 built the inflation system by taking a threaded gas nipple that fit the end of the hose from the regulator by drilling a slightly smaller hole int he end of a 1" PVC cap (that inserts straight into a 1" PVC elbow).  I used a 100W Weller Solder Gun to heat up the end of the nipple so that it "melted" threads into the hole I drilled.  The gap between the lip of the cap and the elbow gave a convenient spot to hang a weight to ensure proper inflation.

Parachute:  54" Spherachute

Payload Hull:  Custom hull built with two-part two-pound polyurethane expanding closed-cell foam


Transceiver: Baofeng UV-5R (radio board removed from case)

Sparkfun Components List:
Component Description...
Avionics Controller: Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
TNC-X TNC-Pi 2 (Terminal Node Controller for APRS)
Data Logger Sparkfun OpenLog
GPS Sparkfun Venus GPS with SMA connector
Humidity Sensor SparkFun Humidity and Temperature Sensor Breakout - HTU21D
Barometric Pressure Sensor SparkFun Barometric Sensor Breakout - T5403
Alarm Buzzer Piezo Speaker - PC Mount 12mm 2.048kHz


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