Hop on to the Rabbit Repeaters!

The Atlanta Rabbits Amateur Radio Club has two repeaters on the air!

All Rabbit Repeaters are open, so feel free to join us.

VHF Repeater

147.220MHz (+) 100Hz Tone Echolink Node #731887 KA5AHS-R

VHF Repeater Hardware

  • Repeater: Kenwood TKR-750
  • Controller: Raspberry Pi 2 running SVXLink w/ Echolink built in
  • Duplexer: Sinclair 4-cavity
  • Antenna: Decibel DB-224 at 65' AGL

Repeater Control Codes

To connect to an EchoLink Node, enter: 2# Node Number #
Just entering # disconnects the last connected station. Enter ## to disconnect all stations.

The following macros have been pre-programmed for easy connection:

Macro Description
D9# EchoLink Test Server   Echoes back your transmission...
D7171# N3TWT-R Harrisburg, PA
D7172# N3TWT-L Harrisburg, PA
D9001# ZS6WR-L South Africa Hammies
D9214# W5FC-R Dallas ARC Texas
D9337# W5DDL-R Lafayette, Louisiana
D93372# W5EXI-R Lafayette, Louisiana (W5DDL Backup)
D9765# K9ZEV-R Peru, Indiana
D9870# Miller County Arkansas ARES
D9906# W8PIF Repeater, Menominee, Michigan (YACHT Club Repeater)
D9972# North Central Texas Connection Linked Repeater System
D9001# ZS6WR-L South Africa

UHF Repeater

440.525MHz (+) CC9 DMR CBridge2.0 TG 310536 (Brandmeister)

The Rabbit DMR Repeater can be accessed through the Brandmeister Network using a hotspot pointed to Talk Group 510536.



  • 9 - Local (linked with BM 310536)
  • 8206 - East Texas Wide


  • 3148 - Texas Statewide (CBridge 2.0)
  • 9000 - BM Texas (linked with BM 3148)15 min timeout
  • 31229 - Ark-La-Tex (BM 31229)

For more information on Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), visit the DMR Texas website.

UHF Repeater Hardware

  • Repeater: Motorola XPR8400 Digital Mode Only
  • Duplexer: Motorola 3-Cavity
  • Antenna: Decibel DB410 at 45' AGL